Flagler Volusia Chapter Meeting

Wednesday September 14th, 2016

Keiser University


  1. Call to Order 6:00pm
  2. Acknowledge new members and visitors

Welcome to :

Susan Rodgers

Maryna Afonin

Ryan Caccavale

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  1. Community Speaker

Henry Zahn from Las Olas Argentinean Cuisine

  1. Christmas Party details, tickets going on sale

5 .Board Meeting Highlights


Joe Latorre-Award Winning Educator-

Injuries, Inflammation and Assessment

Topics to be discussed will include: the importance of client

intake and assessment, differentiation between injury and overuse, postural symmetry, lines of pull, tensegrity, thixotrophy, anatomic relationships, muscles/joints, common pathologies encountered, the physiologic processes of inflammation, role of the blood stream and lymphatic systems, stages of an injury / healing, tissue types involved, invasive vs. non-invasive forms of bodywork, RICE, cold and hot therapies, ROM testing, indications and contraindications.

  1. 10 minute break-
  2. LAD fundraising announcements–Secretary Holly Hays
  3. Closing statements and Signouts


Additional Information:

  1. Last month you did great vacating the building by 8:45, respecting the time of our host, Keiser University.  We know you guys are going to continue this by taking your conversations with each other and our presenter outside the building.
  2. Convention registration opens Dec 1st    June 21-25. Extra day and evening classes. Registration is increasing due to extra day  so be sure to register EARLY for Early Bird discounts   Dec 1st   www.myfsmta.org
  3. Massage Message Magazine is back!  The next 2 issues will be digital and back in print January 1st.   Check your membership portal for the Convention Issue within the next 2 weeks.  New editor and new graphic designer
  4. As always, check the front table for information about your  community, chapter and profession
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